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Over the next ten years, we made films of every flavour. Music films and commercial films and art films and magazine films, films for big brands and broadcasters, for record labels and arts institutions. We’ve made films in literally dozens of countries, and had a lot of fun working with hundreds of brilliant people. Gradually we’ve honed in on the kind of work that excites us most – stylistically refined short-form content with a job to do.
As of 2014, Tentacle is still run by Jordan and Ami Copeland, though it’s now also propelled by designer Fred Stidston who used to work for Twitter, editor James Coward who worked for The Luxury Channel until his film Trashed got into Cannes, and cinematographer Tomo Brody who can complete the first three Super Mario games back to back in under an hour.

Happiest at the front line of digital branding, we love helping our clients create visual identities that are purposefully effective and uniquely compelling.

We do a lot of work for branding agencies and magazines.  Frequently we’ll be commissioned to create the film element of a wider corporate identity project, though we’re also well-versed in the art of generating identity from scratch.  And of course we’d love to show you the avant-editing techniques we’re still doing on the side.